March 25, 2015  |  Ken Hans

Freemium Mobile Banking Apps – Would You Pay for Your Bank’s Value Added Services Delivered through the Digital Channel? I Would.

An article on entitled ‘Pay to Use Your Banking App? Most Say No Thanks’ that showed only about 25-33% people would actually be willing to pay $3/mo access charge for their mobile banking app. As a consumer banking customer, I would agree with the majority consensus, or the 66-75% of people here, in that I... Read More

November 12, 2014  |  Chris Prescott

Optimizing Mobile Test Automation using Experitest SeeTest

In 2013 Blackstone evaluated a number of commercially available mobile test automation tools in our lab, and walked away from that exercise identifying Experitest’s ( SeeTest product as one of the most robust tools on the market in terms of features, flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of mobile app architectures, predictability in terms of... Read More

April 28, 2014

Mobile Test Automation Supports Digital Agility

When speaking with customers about mobile development and mobile application testing, we routinely find our customers describing what we refer to as the Mobile Device “Fan Effect”, which is essentially the rapid expansion of work required to safely test and deploy a new mobile app to the market.  Often the discussion centers around the complexities... Read More