[Partner Blog] Intelligently Model, Map, and Ingest Data from Any Source

The Mix Core™ platform is the industry leading approach to achieve an enterprise-wide contextual understanding of your data across multiple disparate sources. The platform removes the time and cost associated with traditional data wrangling and quickly integrates data sources by leveraging sophisticated machine intelligence to manage data in a scalable and flexible framework. Today, Bit Stew introduces the Data Management Workbench, which is new to Version 10 of MIx Core.

The Data Management Workbench, provides users a self – service experience for integrating, modeling and mapping data from disparate sources. The Data Management Workbench is the MIx Core platform’s fully integrated, intelligent data discovery and semantic modeling feature. It dramatically reduces the time and cost associated with data integration by discovering a semantic understanding of data upon ingestion.

Gain a Contextual Understanding of Your Data
The Data Management Workbench follows an intuitive workflow allowing users to quickly gain a contextual understanding of their data relationships. The first step is to add data sources to your data project. Next, explore your data by instructing the machine’s artificial intelligence engine to “learn” about the data itself, without the need to manually apply transformations. The machine generates feature vectors, learns entities, keys and connections. You can also train the engine in this phase which means that the automated data mapper will consider the feature vectors while mapping each source field to a destination field in the growing semantic model.

During the visualize step you’ll be able to see the model created by the machine. It’s time to explore the model. Users can validate, manipulate, and save the model for future use. Notice in the data model shown left, you can see data islands, common to industrial data sets, where the machine found no connections between “Public Order Details” and the other entities.

The Data Management Workbench gives users access to their data without going through the timely and arduous ETL process.

DMW connections

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About Chris Bowman, Product Manager at Bit Stew Systems:
Chris Bowman is a Product Manager of MIx technology at Bit Stew Systems. He is an expert in industrial communication and control, and previously led a variety of laboratory and pilot projects working for a major energy company. He is an IEEE member of the Communications and the Power and Energy societies. Chris began gaining technical experience as part of Canada’s explosive detection R&D group. Following this he worked in the automotive testing industry completing several comprehensive Hydrogen Fuel Vehicle test programs for major OEMs in North America, Japan and Europe. He also developed business services for the emerging Electric Vehicle market in Canada, with a focus on embedded control system testing, telemetry and usage modeling services. He completed a Renewable Energy pilot project at BC Hydro’s Duncan Dam spillway in 2010, which served as the world’s first field installation and dynamics study of multiple vertical axis hydrokinetic turbines. Chris received his B.Sc. in Physics and Ocean Sciences from the University of Victoria in 2006, and went on to become a registered Engineering Physicist in training with APEGBC.