Mobile App Stability and Performance Matters. Here’s Why.

Ken Hans was recently interviewed by American Banker for an article published on November 18th entitled ‘Rapid Change Not Fast Enough in Mobile Banking.’ The article discussed mobile banking, the rising tide of consumer expectations and the importance of a sound mobile QA approach. Some key morals of the story for digital channel owners in the financial services industry are as follows:

1. Consumers expectation of continual adoption of new mobile banking features continues to increase.

Keeping this out front continues to be key to customer satisfaction in the mobile banking channel.

2. All banks absolutely must ensure they continue to employ a rigorous mobile quality assurance testing approach.

Short change this QA process at one’s own peril, for as clearly evidenced here, today’s digital consumers both expect and demand that any mobile banking app is going to be of high working quality – there’s no room for forgiveness on this front any longer. After a Blackstone analysis of the app store reviews for the bank in question’s latest app release, a high concentration of concern was over app stability, performance, and general functioning/optimization for the most popular mobile devices. The feedback suggests that some reputational risk for the bank’s brand is also at stake, as there were many repeated statements by consumers feeling that the lack of quality of the latest mobile app means the bank in question doesn’t care about its customers. And numerous consumers also stated that they are likely to close their account with this bank and switch because of this.

How Blackstone can Help Address App Quality Issues

These customer concerns surrounding app stability and performance can be addressed/avoided with a thorough mobile quality assurance testing approach. Blackstone has a Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) that has been battle tested with numerous Top 100 banks in this country that can route out these issues prior to production and ensure that the mobile apps being deployed to your customers are of exceptionally high quality.

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