Delivering Business-Driven Financial IT Solutions

Blackstone Financial Services

Financial institutions face some of the most challenging convergences of advancing technology, changing regulations, and dynamic cross-industry competition. Managing thousands to millions of transactions per day, protecting financial data, and creating a transparent, efficient and highly-secure experience for your customers is no easy task. Financial regulations have become more stringent, adding a layer of complexity while shrinking profit margins. And that’s why so many financial institutions call on Blackstone Financial Services.

Delivering Results

Our clients look to us to solve their hardest IT challenges. They welcome both the rigor of our approach and the impact we have on their bottom line. We have an industry-wide reputation for designing finely-tuned, business-driven IT solutions for numerous banking, lending, capital markets and insurance company clients—while excelling in the execution where other IT consulting companies fall short.

Through the strategic use of technology we’ll help you drive revenue goals, reduce costs, and better serve your customers in the highly competitive financial marketplace faster than your competitors can deliver. Our financial technology consultants are top in the field, and we deliver solutions that can impact every area of your business. Whether you are trying to deliver your mobile or digital roadmap, you are ready to modernize legacy systems, or you are looking to transform your IT organization, we can help.

How We Are Different:

At Blackstone Financial Services, we understand your business processes, and know how to bring structure and efficiency to underserved business areas. And the end result is an enhanced experience for both customers and employees alike, driving both customer loyalty and employee satisfaction levels related to serving your customer base.
We engage with our clients in the following ways:

  • Activate: We’ll help you adopt the technology necessary to develop new revenue streams, deliver a superior user experience, secure your customer’s financial transactions, and make it easy for them to do business with you.
  • Accelerate: With our pre-built assessment tools, deliverable templates and project execution best practices, we can help you more effectively both evaluate and deliver enterprise-class solutions so that your IT investments yield the tangible business value they aim to achieve.
  • Align: Our financial services consultants will help you bridge gaps between business processes and IT, remediate troubled IT projects, and ensure that you can actually see—and measure—your results.

Work with Blackstone Financial Services if Your Company Needs:

  • Mobile & Digital Program Implementation Services
  • SaaS Cloud Services
  • Better IT Optimization and Agility
  • Enhanced Cyber Security
  • Complex Digital Integration
  • Quality Assurance Efficiency and Test Automation

If you are interested in developing a digital banking platform that puts you at the head of the pack, contact us.

Blackstone Financial Services. We’ll get you there. Faster.

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